A look at the Tree Reading Series

Good afternoon readers!

Today, I have for you a look at the Tree Reading Series open-mic that took place just last night at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb.12, 2013. It happens every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, allowing new or long-time poets in the area to come and share their work – an activity I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

Last night’s open-mic was followed by featured reader John Steffler, award-winning poet and novelist. The Tree Reading Series is held in the Arts Court at 2 Daly Ave, Ottawa, ON. The series has existed now for almost 33 years, making it one of the country’s oldest literary events. For more information: http://www.treereadingseries.ca

First, I have a mixture of readers, giving you an idea of what open-mic is like, and the last reader in the video JM Francheteau discussing his poem Ohio Sport Fishing Advisory.

Next, I continue my interview with Francheteau, who is originally from Harrow near Windsor, ON.

Check out Tree Reading Series on Facebook too: http://www.facebook.com/#!/treereadingseries?fref=ts or give them a follow on Twitter to keep updated on what’s to come: @treeseries

Enjoy your Wednesday!

One thought on “A look at the Tree Reading Series

  1. Such a great, eclectic mash up of chunks from authors’ readings! It kind of formed a super cool little tale of its own. Really nicely done.

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