About On Paper: Ottawa

Welcome to Ottawa’s fiction and poetry writers’ and readers’ outlet for all-things fun and fiction from interviews with accomplished authors in the area to tips and chatter with industry insiders on Ottawa’s realm of creative writing.

My name is Lucy Morrissey, a 21-year-old journalist, book-lover and life-long writer living in Ottawa.

I started On Paper: Ottawa for both personal and professional reasons. Before enrolling in the journalism joint program between the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College in 2009, I spent more of my time and energy on creative writing.

For me, it has become seemingly impossible now to sit down and write a story from scratch, from the crevices of my imagination or, in some cases, draw from personal experience and from what didn’t happen quite the way I’m saying it did. Consistently blogging in a personal online journal has also been a challenge – who has the time or energy for it with a packed schedule studying journalism? Not this girl I guess!

I want to uncover exactly what inspires  and drives Ottawa authors in their craft, with hopes of rekindling my love and knack for writing fiction.

On Paper: Ottawa features profiles of local authors, opportunities, information and reflections that fiction and poetry authors and their readers might find valuable or fascinating.

I’m hoping to reacquaint myself with the craft and that you’ll join me for the journey. If you will, set down that novel you can’t peel your eyes from, make yourself a cup of tea and start exploring from the comfort of your computer chair what this city has to offer.

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