Ottawa Author: Amanda Earl

Amanda Earl is another local author, as well the managing editor of and the Bywords Quarterly Journal, a poetry magazine. Earl, who has been writing since childhood, said the community of fiction and poetry authors in Ottawa is the most gratifying part of what she does – a community she both belongs to and helps sustain.

Earl attends readings, where she mingles with authors and publishers. She notes writers’ circles put on by the Canadian Authors Association and the In/Words Writers’ Circle as ways to connect.

Earl has her Honours BA in French language and literature from the University of Waterloo, her MA in French from the University of Waterloo and her Honours BA in translation from the University of Ottawa. In addition, she’s completed creative writing workshops put on by the universities’ English departments here in the city, as well as workshops with local poets rob mclennan and Stephen Brockwell.

It’s quite the long-winded, impressive background if I do say so myself.

Besides opening her ears at the readings she attends, Earl overcomes writer’s block by visiting art galleries and reading herself.

Similar to what I prefer, Earl takes advantage of how quiet it is and how creative she feels during the early morning hours to sit down and write.

Explore her work at

Happy Sunday!


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